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It would be difficult to find something missing from Rhodes. The island… at the edge of the map, with which generations of Greeks grew up in the post-war classrooms, experienced the touch of tourism from an early age. And it was no accident. The first visitors saw the unique combination of nature, urban landscape, inhabitants, culture and history and made Rhodes famous in all the lengths and breadths of the Earth.

The Old Town is a World Heritage Site, as it is the best preserved medieval settlement in the world. The Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Master will take you to other places and other times.

Beaches of Rhodes

Like all Greek islands, Rhodes is characterized by countless beaches with golden sand, crystal clear blue waters and rare beauty. Among the beaches worth visiting are Kiotari, Kallithea, Agathi, Mavros Kavos, Anthony Quinn beach, Tsampika and Trianta. If you are a fan of water sports, visit Prasonisi, a small island south of Rhodes with a beach ideal for windsurfing. In addition, on Traganou beach you will find beautiful caves to explore, while Afandou beach also has a golf course.

Food in Rhodes

The peoples who have passed through the centuries from Rhodes have also influenced its gastronomy. Thus, the local cuisine retained its Mediterranean identity but was enriched with elements from oriental and Italian cuisine. The main ingredient of Rhodesian cuisine is wheat and olives. The local specialties that you should try in one of the many taverns are the pitaroudia, the dolmadas with lentils on cyclamen leaves. From the main dishes, choose bullets and guinea fowl, zucchini, caravals and amaranges, which are the shoots of daisies. For dessert, choose the traditional sweet of the Rhodians, the melekouni.

Night life in Rhodes island

Rhodes has an intense nightlife, the heart of which beats in the Old Town. Thereyou will find bars with relaxing music to enjoy your cocktail overlooking themedieval castle, as well as music clubs for all tastes to continue your night. Ifyou want a frantic party until the early morning hours, then Faliraki is the placeto visit.Useful informationThe calling code to call the island of Rhodes is 22410.Rhodes has Rhodes Diagoras International Airport (RHO), which is 12.6 km from thecenter of the island.

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Once you open your eyes, the journey of the senses will continue. The present is wonderful in Rhodes. People from all over the world flock to the island’s cafes, restaurants and beaches. The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, may no longer exist, but small and big miracles happen every day around every visitor.

A trademark of Rhodes are the statues of deer in the port, while a little further north one can enjoy the valley with the butterflies. For swimming the options are unlimited: Agathi, Anthony Quinn beach, Afandou, Vlicha, Kiotari, Kallithea, Mavros Kavos, Kolimbia, Traganou, Trianda, Tsampika etc.

And for the appetite, tomato meatballs with onion), risotto with cuttlefish ink and talagout, pancakes with honey and sesame.

Rhodes Island

is a large and famous destination on the group of Dodecanese in the southeastern Aegean.

Rhodes island definitely is a first-class destination for your amazing summer escape.


Best known as the “island of knights”, and with a large history, which can be appreciated by its historic buildings and sights.

The atmosphere at old town Rhodes reminds me of historical cinematic scenes coming from a different era!

Strong walls, cobbled streets, elegant mansions, and a medieval castle create the illusion.

that you have traveled back in time to the time of the knights.

Do not be surprised if you think you are in a medieval fairy tale.

Who knows?  Maybe you were a gentleman or a princess in your past, life!

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Visit the stunningly beautiful village of Lindos by boat. Stop at magnificent beaches along the east coast and go for a swim.

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Take a full day trip by boat to Symi, the neighboring beautiful island of Rhodes. The island is famous for colorful neo-classical house facades, charming fishermen boats, sponge diving traditions and delicious sea food.

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From Rhodes Town: Day Trip to Lindos

Explore Lindos at your own pace with a direct worry-free transfer from Rhodes Town, Ixia and Ialyssos. Get 4 hours to discover the 4th-century gates of the acropolis and Temple of Athena Lindia, or just relax on the beach.

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Rhodes island it's is not by chance the flagship of Greek tourism. 

One of the most well-preserved medieval towns – a UNESCO monument – dozens of spectacular beaches, 

important archaeological sites, interesting inland and, of course, well-developed hotel infrastructure 

and vibrant life make Rhodes an ideal island for a different getaway. 


Lovers of luxury resorts and family vacations alike enjoy it, as well as those who want to combine relaxation

 on the beaches either with monuments of different historical periods (from antiquity to the Italian occupation) or with intense nightlife and secularism.


The medieval city will monopolize your sightseeing as well as atmospheric restaurants and bars, while the most beautiful part of the new city is the beachfront casino with the historic “Hotel of the Rhodes” and other Italian buildings (National Theater, Administration Office, Post Office etc.) and the multi-photographed beach. 

It is worth at least a day to spend it in the island’s second-class town, Lindos, with its acropolis and unique captains’ houses. 

The most popular bases for accommodation are the nearby seaside resorts (Ixia, Ialyssos, Kallithea, Faliraki), 

while in the south there are even less crowded beaches and “hidden” villages. It is an ideal island for those who love car tours and sightseeing: 

from the Valley of the Butterflies and the Baths of Kallithea to Filerimos Hill and Ancient Kamiro, the rides are many and varied. 

Your attention, of course, deserves the most unknown in many inland with the many natural beauties and monuments of Italian rule. 

Also of interest are the villages of Kolimbia (25 km from the city) and Archangelos (28 km from the city): 

the first for its green and pebbly beach and the second for the residents’ faith in their traditions and linguistic idiom. 

(strongly reminiscent of Cyprus). Rhodes can finally be combined with one-day excursions to nearby satellite islands, such as Halki and Symi.

Amazing things to do in Rhodes

 Walkthrough the historic city of Rhodes, visit the medieval monuments of the old town of Rhodes, 

discover impressive castles, eat in excellent restaurants and swim in the incredible beaches of Rhodes.


Rhodes island is the only place thanks to its size that has always something new to discover. 

At the northeast end of the island is its capital, the city of Rhodes, with a population 

of about 55,000 and is its largest settlement.


Within the city limits of Rhodes lies the Medieval City of Rhodes or the Old Town, 

as the locals call it,  one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world recognized since 1988 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Within the walls of the Old Town are remarkable monuments from the Byzantine era, the Turkish occupation, 

and the Italian occupation, with the most imposing being the Grand Master’s Palace. 


About 12 km northwest of the city is Rhodes State Airport “Diagoras”, which is the main gateway for visitors to the island?


The fact that Rhodes is consistently ranked fourth in arrivals nationally, as well as the fact that visitors

arriving on the island with a cruise ship numbering in the tens of thousands per year,

prove that Rhodes is an internationally recognized tourist destination of particular importance to Greece economy.

Rhodes is worldwide recognized, cosmopolitan and traditional, timeless and contemporary, fantastic and simple.


Rhodes is more than sure to fascinate you.

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Rhodes island Greece Old-Town-Castle-300x300 Rhodes island
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